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Ulta Haul!

Email comes in and says "20% off, including prestige brands." So naturally, I'm going to stock up!  I always do that when they send out the coupon a few times a year. It would be wrong not to.  Everything is basically on sale... And when you tell me "buy 12 bagels get 6 free," I'm walking out with 18 bagels. Thats a true story. Suckah for a sale. 

Real Technique Blender

For the Holidays they have these containers of 12 blenders for 49.99. Which already is an awesome deal considering their single blenders are 5.99 and in the container you are getting them for $4.16. Then add in the 20% off and I'm getting each one for $3.33. THAT IS A STEAL! I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying a truck load of these blenders but I bought 2 containers so thats enough for me to start. In case you were wondering why I purchased so many, these will be going in my makeup kit and maybe 1 or 2 for myself. These are knockoff of the Original Beauty Blender and while ill always love the real thing, these do the same job and for a fraction of the price.

Morphe Blender

So another blender, different company. This blender is about $7 each. They are slightly more expensive than the Real Techniques and aren't necessarily better but I do enjoy having a different shape and normally keep these for personal use. While these are little more dense than the Original Beauty Blender, they have worked well for me and are still inexpensive. I Ended up getting 4 of these for $5.60 each.

Morphe 35O Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

Again, Morhpe. This is a new brand to Ulta, but not new to me.  I enjoy the price point of this palette, $23 for 35 eye shadows, and thats not even including the 20% off discount. This palette is entirely shimmer and Morphe's shimmers normally work well especially with a little Mac Fix+ to intensify it. I already own this palette for personal use but plan to add this to my kit so I will have plenty of shimmer for bridal work..

It Cosmetics "It Girl" Limited Edition Palette

Im not quite sure what made me buy this palette but it had good reviews, beautiful packaging and with it being "on sale," I figured I would give it a shot. I have swatched it and worn it once. I'm happy with the quality of shadows, even with a little kickback from the mattes. It has a good color selection with transition colors and shimmers that I think anyone could use, only really lacking an inner corner highlight.The Blush is nice, though I feel like it isn't a complete travel palette without a bronzer and highlight. That being said, it isn't a deal breaker. Regular price = $48.

*Kabuki Not included in this set

It Cosmetics "Chic in the City" Brush Set 

Can you have too many brushes? NO! I like to find new favorites and retire older ones for a little bit. I have gotten one of these sets a year or so ago and still use a couple of the brushes daily. Plus with extra brushes I can get by longer without having to clean my personal army of brushes. No one actually likes having to clean their brushes so anything to prolong it is a clear win. This set is regularly $68.

It Cosmetics "Kabuki" Brush Ornament 

I saw this and knew I needed it for a travel brush. I love to have a big fluffy brush to apply bronzer down my neck and onto my chest but most are too bulky to comfortably put in my personal travel makeup case so this is perfect. You can get this brush for $19.50.

This Haul had a lot of purchases going towards my makeup kit, so I knew my thoughts on most of it while purchasing. This isn't always the case because I usually use my discounts to try new things but stocking up on supplies never hurts. My next Haul will be posted very soon as The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale was this past weekend and is going on again this weekend.  And I'm a Suckah for a Sale. Thanks for reading!


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