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Oh to be Rouge...SALE

Shocker Right? Another day another Haul for this chick that has no self control.

I went all out and bought some goodies because its the VIB ROUGE SALE... Treat Yo Self.

And now I will have to eat ice chips for the rest of the month. Which is fine because my pants are tight and Thanksgiving is coming.

Huda Beauty "Mauve" Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

My initial thought after seeing this palette in person is "that's it?" It is a lot smaller than I expected, roughly the size of my palm (I have fairly small hands). But you get 9 shadows with 1.1 grams per pan for $27. In the Urban Decay Heat Palette you get 12 shadows with 1.3 for double the price tag of $54. So really Huda Beauty is giving us a palette with no wasted space and you aren't paying more for excess packaging.I appreciate this, as will my ever cramped travel makeup case.Now for the quality of the shadows I think they are pretty on par with the rest of Hudas eyeshadow palettes. I chose the "Mauve" Obsession because I have a never ending amount of warm toned palettes but also because this palette had 3 shimmers where the "Warm Brown" Obsession had 1 shimmer.

Ciate London,Chloe Morello "Pretty, Fun & Fearless" Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has had me curious for months now. It has colors I don't use everyday, leaning more towards the purple tones which I have recently been loving. I think it will be a good change from my warm toned looks but I hope I don't get carried and end up looking like I got elbowed in the eye. I have only gotten a chance to swatch these but the shimmers are winning me over already.

*Eyeliner, Mascara and Liquid Lipstick not pictured

Ciate London, Chloe Morello's Beauty Haul

By now I'm sure it looks like I'm Chloe's biggest fan but in all honesty this palette just looked like a good deal. 20 Shadows, Liquid Liner, Liquid Lipstick and a Mascara. Ive only ever tried Ciate's Liquid lipstick so this set looked like a good opportunity to try out some more of their products.This Palette's color selection is a little all over the place with Greens, Pinks, Peach and some neutrals. Im not sure it has enough transition colors for myself but if you already have transition shades this palette will help you be a little bolder. I'm hoping that it'll help me branch out some. I don't usually use many colors outside of neutral on a regular basis mainly because I'm not always sure how I want to use them. I also don't want to end up with too wild of a look and have my clients looking at me like i have lost my mind. But I'm going to work on my adventurousness and hopefully grow from there.

Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil

So this is a repeat purchase for me except I am trying it in a shade darker (Universal Dark Brown). I originally heard about this pencil on Youtube from Rosita Applebum. I like that you roll up the pencil for brow product and don't have to worry about the top that will inevitably be lost. Though it did take me some time to realize that at the opposite end there was spooly hidden under a cap. Im usually smarter than this but Dior outsmarted me for a couple weeks. The pencil goes on smooth but I'm not sure I would always purchase this without a discount.

Violet Voss "Taupe Notch" Pro Eyeshadow Palette

This is the Cool Toned Sister to the HG Palette (Warm toned). I own the HG and have liked it so far so figured I would try it out. Haven't had too much time to swatch and play yet so stay tuned for future thoughts on this.

Natasha Denona Crystal Top Coat in Nude

This is just too pretty. I feel like I could use this for an effortless eye, a bridal eye, for a cut crease and more.. I swatched this in store and while I also really liked the grey brown shade, I decided I would get more use out of the nude to begin with. If you like Shimmer and are okay with a splurge, GET!

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

I have used this foundation for years. I love the finish of it, its very natural looking and can be built up some. You aren't going to get a super matte look unless you set it according .I think this foundation can be used on a range of skin types and a large age range. I bought several shades of this to extend the range in my Makeup kit.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

I love this eyeliner. It has just always worked for me so I make sure to buy a back up whenever I have a Discount code. It lasts well on the eye but if you struggle with super watery eyes, it might not last.

Duo Lash Glue in clear

I had used this a year or so ago and was eh about it. Recently retried it and decided I was clearly not doing something right before. I have been enjoying this glue for the last month so I bought a backup and one for my kit. I purchased the clear as opposed to black because if you mess up it is not quite as devastating.

Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer

When I originally saw this Blowdryer I thought "WTF!" Who in their right mind would buy that. But then a client of mine told me she purchased it and loved it. She brought it in for me to try out and sure enough, it did seem to blow dry the hair faster. The shape of it took getting used to but I love that the air directing nozzle is magnetic. It even has a filter at the bottom of the handle that you empty out once a month. It seems so well thought out and futuristic .I blow-dry hair all day long so I'm sure at some point I will think of some cons for this product but as of right now the only downfall is the hefty price tag. So I Purchased the Limited Edition " Blow-A- Ouai". It includes the blowdryer in white, Ouai Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, Soft Mouse and Oil, 2 Nozzles, Diffuser and Travel Bag. This Limited set and The Individual Blow Dryer are the same price so the Ouai products are an extra bonus. I'm hoping this investment will be worth it but the 20% off helped soften the blow.

After seeing this Haul I'm sure you are thinking, "How many eyeshadow palettes does one girl need?" Well, I need them all. Just Kidding. Kinda. But it all just goes back to the fact I'm a suckah for a sale. In case anyone is unaware, November 10th-15th is the Sephora sale.

20FORROUGE = 20% for Rouge Members.

20FORVIB = 20%for VIB.

INSIDER15 = 15% for Beauty Insiders.



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