Why should i hire a professional makeup artist?

You're hiring a professional for your pictures, a professional for your cake, a professional for your flowers and a professional for your hair. So why wouldn't you hire a professional for your makeup too?

A Professional will not only make sure your makeup lasts but that it will photograph beautifully. From using Professional products and applications down to customizing everything to you and your wedding vision, a professional can help you achieve this.

how far in advance should i book my makeup artist?

I recommend as soon as you have a date and location to reach out to check availability. Brides typically book anywhere from 8-18 months in advance but its never too late to book. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Do you provide on site services?

Absolutely! I am able to provide makeup services at your home, hotel or venue. A professional that can offer the luxury of being pampered with your bridal party at any location, who doesn't want that?

Do you do a trial?

what happens during it?

Trials are optional but encouraged. Although they are an additional expense, they give you a preview and ease stress on your wedding day.


Inspiration photos are recommended as it will help communicate the ideas for your look. Images found on instagram and pinterest can be heavily filtered or photoshopped and can give us unrealistic expectations, so keep that in mind when using them as a source of inspiration. Some good places to check for inspiration photos would be my portfolio, bridal magazines and celebrity red carpet looks.


We will also discuss what you have in mind for your bridal party. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the makeup they will be wearing but it's important to make sure their makeup looks are cohesive with each others', yours and your vision on your day.

What kind of makeup do you use?

I use an array of brands geared towards professional use. MAC, Viseart, RCMA, NARS, Face Atelier, Stila are a few that can be found in my kit. 

How many people can you book?

I try to accommodate all bridal parties but 10 people is typically the maximum I can handle on my own. For larger bridal parties an assistant may be required at an additional charge.