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First Things First

Im Ericka. If you didn't read the About Me section or take notice of my page at all, I love makeup. Anyone that knows me the tiniest bit might tell you I'm obsessed. I buy ALOT of makeup and get nothing short of a high when buying something on release day. So just know there will be a lot of posts about product purchases and thoughts on said products. I hope to also get into posting videos but for now, words.

Eye Shadow. Powder. Moisturizer. Lipstick. Foundation. Eye Liner. Facewash. Brows. Highlight.Contour. Serum. Bronzer. Primers. Blush. Mascara. Masks.Concealer. Lashes. Setting Spray.

I hope to touch base on all of these things at some point or another, in no particular order. Though in all honesty, I think good skincare is the most important. And I'm not just talking about using the best high end products. You don't have to use a $38 Face wash, a $80 Serum and a $65 Moisturizer. Don't get me wrong, if that is in your budget and is what works for you, carry on. Some people have a smaller amount to spend on things so all that really matters is finding products that work for you and your skin type.

But I also know of some skin care that is just about free. Its called "Washing your face" which includes water and a cleanser of your choice. Make sure you do this EVERY NIGHT! I can't stress this enough. Do not go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. Suck it up and wash. When you go to sleep with your makeup on, you are not only letting it settle into your pores and leading to potential breakouts, but you are just asking for wrinkles. You need to cleanse the skin so that it has time to recover and so that it can better absorb your moisturizer. I think we have all had nights where we didn't wash our face which is fine. One night won't make or break you but make it a habit and be prepared to face the consequences.

Since we got the Freebee out of the way, Face Wash. Not every skin type is gunna do well with the drugstore wash with little scrubby beads that sure does look pretty. I'm not sure that it is actually beneficial for any skin type but again, if its working for you, may the odds be ever in your favor. The hard part is finding a wash that works for you. You are best to figure out your skin type and go from there. I think a lot of people just assume they are oily and spend part of their life using products that aren't actually suited for their skin. Been there done that. Clearly writing the book and or Blog. But knowing your skin type will help you narrow down what products will be the best for your skin type. Oily skin normally leans towards oil free/ products, dry skin is normal looking at something hydrating/calming and then there are also products designed to help with acne. Either way, make sure you aren't stripping your skin of its natural oils. It may seem satisfying for those who are oily but you are really just making your skin dry, tight and not the best canvas to put makeup onto. But to help with that, no matter your skin type, you should always follow up with a...

MOISTURIZER. Why is it bolded & underlined you ask? because I want to make sure you see it. And definitely don't forget it. It is super important to moisturize regardless of skin type. It creates a smooth, hydrated surface to help your makeup glide onto. I regret not knowing this until my 20s but I will tell anyone willing to listen (or not) to moisturize after every time you cleanse your face. Not only will this benefit you when applying makeup but it helps as you get older and your skin loses its natural moisture. None of us want to age past 21 but it happens, and there are ways to help. Moisturizer is just one of the easier ways as well as drinking plenty of water. Just make sure to allow your moisturizer to soak in for about 10 minutes before applying foundation.

Now there are a few other options of what to do before and after cleansing. Exfoliant, makeup remover, toner, serums and masks.. The Exfoliant will help remove dead skin from the surface. The Makeup Remover will help pre cleanse the makeup off of your face for a better cleanse when washing. Toners are there to rebalance your skins PH after washing. Oils/serums are usually geared towards hydration, anti aging or acne. And Masks are usuals a more intense version of the previous, adding hydration, helping with acne and cleaning out your pores. All of the above will benefit your skin but can seem over whelming if you aren't used to it. Start with just washing and moisturizing until you feel comfortable/can afford to add in the other steps. Not all of the above is necessary for everyone it just depends what your skin does best with, which takes some trial and error.

And last but not least [Sun Screen]. Im sure you have all heard it and whether you listened or not will show later. Whether it be wrinkles, age spots cancer. I hated to say it but its a possibility and something we can all work to prevent by just adding a layer of SPF to our lives. Not SPF 8 or 15. But atleast SPF 30. This will give you some protection everyday traveling to work/school when we don't realize the sun is hitting us through our wind shield. Driving for 15 minutes to work may not seem like a lot but it adds up like daily quarters in a piggy bank. Saving your skin (and quarters) will do you many favors in the future.

I realize that this is all very general information but it can benefit anyone. Male or Female, Makeup wearer or not. Take care of your skin now an be thankful later. I do plan to go more in depth in the future and about what I am currently using. Thanks for reading.


Anytime someone has a question, idea, or want my thoughts on a product or anything in general, Shoot me a message. I'm here to share any knowledge I have as well as my obvious love for all things beauty. But everything I have to say is an opinion and in no way sponsored. Because lets be real, no one has even really seen this page yet.

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